Wildlife Books for the Algarve

The Algarve, with its magnificent beaches and fabulous sunny weather, is a well-known holiday destination. But away from the coastal hotspots is another seldom-seen Algarve - a land of peaceful woodlands, flower-filled meadows and quiet river valleys all teeming with fascinating wildlife, from beautiful birds and butterflies to the more elusive chameleon and mongoose. First Nature has produced three books about the wildlife of the region; they have been designed and written to help residents and visitors alike to find, enjoy and learn more about the plants, birds, insects and other wildlife of the Algarve.

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Wild Orchids of the Algarve, how, when and where to find them (Hardback)

Wild Orchids of the Algarve, by Sue Parker

RRP: 23 Euros + TVA (18-50 + P&P UK)

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Algarve Wildlife, the natural year

Algarve Wildlife - the natural year, 2nd edition

RRP: 25 Euros (£18-50 + P&P UK)

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Wildflowers in the Algarve (souvenir guide)

Wildflowers in the Algarve, Pat O'Reilly and Sue Parker

RRP: 10 Euros + TVA (£6-50 +P&P UK)

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Wild Orchids in the Algarve (souvenir guide)

Wild Orchids in the Algarve, souvenir guide

RRP: 10 Euros + TVA

£6-60 +P&P UK

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Fascinated by Fungi?

Fascinated by Fungi, by Pat O'Reilly

Second edition of Pat O'Reilly's acclaimed new 450-page book exploring the quirky kingdom of fungi is also available in the Algarve.

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Wild Orchids of the AlgarveAlgarve Wildlife, the natural year, Second EditionWildflowers in the Algarve