Out with Papa-figos

Clive Viney

Clive Viney is co-author of Algarve Wildlife - the natural year

Papa-figos (which literally translates as fig eater) is the Portuguese name for the Golden Oriole, one of the iconic visiting birds of the Algarve. Clive Viney is the co-author of Algarve Wildlife - the natural year, and now, under the guise of Papa-Figos, chronicles his finds, thoughts and feelings while walking in the Algarve countryside throughout the natural year. Look out for his regular updates, illustrated by his fellow co-author and photographer, Ray Tipper, who has kindly provided some of the photographs that illustrate these articles by clicking through from the links below.

May 2021 - Global Big Day 2021

April 2021 - Wildlife in the Lower Guadiana Valley

January 2021 - Brave New Year

May 2020 - Behind the beaches of the eastern Algarve

May 2020 - Global Big Day 2020

March 2020 - Covid 19 and a very different Algarve

December 2019 - The Birds of Vale do Guadiana and Castro Verde - a survey

October 2019 - How could this be allowed to happen?

June 2019 - Global Big Day

January 2019 - Green Heron - A First for Continental Portugal

December 2018 - Castro Verde Christmas Treat

August 2017 - Seahorses in the Ria Formosa
August 2017 - Attractively Deceptive, a new invasive palm pest establishes itself in the Algarve
July 2017 - Castro Verde and Mad Dogs and Englishmen
June 2017 - The Pines of Monte Gordo
May 2017 - A Narrow Window

May 2017 - A Road to Nowhere

February 2017 - Rocha da Pena Update
February 2017 - Snowfinch
January 2017 - Surveying Wintering Birds across the Ribeira de Vasc√£o
January 2017 - Winter Narcissus in the Algarve
December 2016 - The Sad Demise of Pego do Inferno
November 2016 - Pristine Beaches at Barril and Pedras D'el Rei
October 2016 - A Walk at Cabanas on the Ria Formosa
October 2016 - First Rain

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