Algarve Specialities

Because of the similaries of the climate to Spain, Italy, Greece and other countries which surround the Mediterranean Basin we think of the Algarve as being Mediterranean, but in fact the whole of Portugal, including the Algarve, faces the Atlantic ocean. Although the Algarve tends to have long, hot and dry summers in common with the other Mediterranean countries, its close proximity to the Atlantic means that it has much wetter winters.

The Algarve is recognised as a 'biodiversity hotspot' and provides homes to literally thousands of species of plants and animals. This section of the website celebrates that diversity and features some of the wildlife that is special to the region.

Cistus albidus growing in the Algarve

Sorting out the Cistus

Pictures and descriptions of cistus plants in the Algarve

Cytinus hypocistis

Cytinus Hypocistis and Cytinus ruber

Parasitic plants of Cistus species in the Algarve

Calidris ferruginea

Give Waders a chance...

Ray Tipper's guide to identification of waders in the Algarve

A Violet Dropwing

A living river by the door...

Clive Viney discovers a wealth of dragonflies, damselflies and other wildlife that still flourish in the Algarve's high summer heat

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